I remember my first kiss. Now, when I say first kiss, I don't mean the one when I was old enough to actually know what the heck was going on. I mean the first kiss I got when I was 6 years old. My first grade class was watching Bedknobs and Broomsticks in the multi-purpose room of our school. My best friend was sitting next to me as he always did during movie time. He leaned over at one point during the movie and just planted one right on me. I quickly turned to look at him as he pulled away. He was beet red and hung his head low. I was kind of shocked and admittedly a bit "grossed out." That was the last time we kissed, but luckily our elementary best friendship did not suffer as a result of the momentary lapse in childhood innocence. To this day, I remember that moment, that time before we knew what a crush really meant. We had crushes, but they never left us crushed. We just moved right on.

I was thinking about that first kiss this week as I have been following the saga of my son's first crush. He is currently playing the role of 5-year-old stalker to a little girl in his kindergarten class. Luckily for him, she seems to be taking the stalking well. This infatuation began last week when his daily recap of school (which, by the way is pretty much a recap of what he had for snack and what he did at recess) began to include this little girl's name. A lot. I mean, a lot!

A couple of days ago he asked if I could help him write a note to her. It was 3 lines...the Dear, the Love, and in the middle three simple words: I like you. In addition to the words, he decorated the paper with some hearts and an illustration of what they do at recess. In his backpack it went. The following morning he was nervous as he stood in line for class holding the note and shifting his eyes all around looking for the little girl. When she finally showed up he asked if I could help him give it to her. Of course I obliged, and when she looked at it (and her Mom helped her read it) she was visibly touched.

The next morning the object of my son's affections showed up to school with a note in her hand. She responded to him by writing that she liked him too. Of course there were the obligatory 5-year-old style pictures to accompany her words. My son was equally touched and so excited. He insisted that I take the note home with me. Later that day he asked for tape and carefully hung the note up on his wall above his bed.

The next day after school, my son was still talking about his crush. After his shower that night he told me he needed to draw a picture. When he was done, he showed it to me and I viewed it with the same confusion I unfortunately look at many of his pictures with. I had to ask, and when I did, I was informed that it was a picture of the hairstyle he was going to do in the morning. 

The next morning, true to his word (and carefully drawn picture) my 5-year-old son fixed his hair. After requesting a dollop of gel he stood in front of the mirror and fashioned his hair into what can only be described as a whole lot messier than when he started. Of course I told him he did a great job and we all went on our way to school. 

With the weekend approaching I am not sure how my junior stalker will go two days without seeing his crush. I guess he will have something to look forward to. That and of course, snack and recess. Oh to be 5 years old again!

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